Mailing Solutions for the 21st Century

American Marketing and Mailing Services came into being in the early 90’s as a result of the USPS evolving from analog to digital technologies. Postal discounts, faster delivery, and more targeted mailings are available to all who have kept up with the many changes.

Trying to keep up with the postal and marketing strategies is arduous and complicated, not to mention expensive. The mailing fullfillment business has grown and changed into a specialized technology-oriented services business. Meanwhile, the advantages have become enormous.

  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB)
    Speeds your mail without human intervention. Track ‘n Trace feature allows you to be sure the mail is delivered on schedule.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
    Keeps your mailing database under control by tracking and making changes of address to your database. Along with Certified Address Confirmation (CASS), each address is sure to be deliverable and occupied.

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